About Us

Here at Montville Soap Co. we make the best, creamiest, moisturising soaps imaginable without using Palm Oil or Sodium Laurel Sulphate.

Our decision from the start to use only the best products available. locally derived if possible,  has helped us maintain our excellent quality in every product we make.

Being hand made means that we only ever make small batches of each product ensuring freshness and quality. Our products are quality controlled at three different stages.

We use the traditional ‘cold process’ method of soap making ensuring that the soap is full of natural glycerine and made to perfection at every stage.

The product design is provided almost exclusively by Melanie Gray who has created these perfectly balanced recipes and products for almost 20 years, starting as a hobby and building into the business we have today.

We are currently developing the website and, due to significant interest, we have decided to publish it now in its rather raw form. Our stock line is increasing steadily, we do carry more lines in the shop which should be added to the site in time..


Montville is a beautiful village situated in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland close to the rural farming centres of Maleny and Kenilworth. Montville is on the Blackall range drive which is one of the iconic touring drives in Australia used many times in advertising due to the magnificent views back to the coast. One of the states premier destinations for weddings and romantic get-aways, it is a destination for the discerning food and coffee lover, well worth a visit.